How automatic CNC programming changing the world

How automatic CNC programming changing the world

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So here we present another article in our series of teching best technique to the wold to improve their machining skill. In this article we are going to show difference between automatic (with help of software) programming and manual programming.

Some years ago when no softwares were developed for making programs for CNC machines, engineers were making programs on their own means by hand it self.

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Manual Programs:

In manual kind of making program there were so much chance of having mistakes in placing “G & M codes” at proper place and memorizing lots of programming blocks to arrange orderly.

Sometimes some machines doesn’t respond to mannual programms in same way means engineers need to program each type of machine seperately.

Each of the code available in the manual programs are very important to perform it on the machine, it means if you forget to input any single code in the manual program ? Your all work and time spend on making program will be zero.

In manual program all the previously made programs are important to save at safe place so that they can be arrange any time whenever it is required for any future reference.

Manual programming is very time consuming and needs lots of practice to make a program, which runs on a CNC machine.

It has some limitation so that everything is not possible machine with help of manual programming, it walk around some 2D profile of the machining job.

some how manual programming are risky because there is chance of forgetting and misplacing of codes and an improper program can give dangerous result on CNC machine.

Manual programs are now a thing of old era as population increased worldwide demand of finish good increased, and to fulfil that demand it is required to use some latest technology and softwares.

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Automatic Programs:

On the other hand automatic programming is the latest technique which changes the world significantly. Most of the company around the world is acquiring latest software to program their machines.

So in automatic programming “G&M codes” are automatically placed in the program according to required profile and engineers need not to worry about misplacing of any codes in the output program.

There is lots of postprocessors are avilable in the software itself according to machine and user can use that postprocessor to post their program for any specific machine, so engineer don’t have to make seperate program for each machine.

All the codes in automatic program are inserted automatically and there is no chance of any human errror. And if program is generated it will definately run on your CNC machine. Engineer need not to worry about code placement and block arrangement in the program, all codes and n-blocks arrange systematically according to toolpath movement on the CNC machine.

In automatic programming all the generated programs are saved with the model project and it can be recalled any time as per the requirement. So preserving the program is not an issue in automatic programming, it is always there with the toolpath project.

Automatic programming is so quick that it can gererate program on any kind of complex geometory in no time. Engineers just have to decide their programming area & tool, and software will do rest of the thing automatically.

Automatic programming is very fast and efficient to co – ordinate demand and supply. The demand of finished is very high now a days so it is required to produce more goods in less time. Automatic programming is helping so many companies to improve their production to satisfy their customers.

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***So friends, these were some common facts which differentiate the automatic and manual programs and proves how automatic programming is better then manual.

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